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Garbology Project in Marhult's landfill

Garbologiprojekt i Marhults deponi





The 100-year story of a decline.

Marhult’s landfill is an illegal accumulation of waste located in Uppvidinge Kommmun. It is estimated that more than 32000 tonnes of waste have been discarded in this area. The landfill is formed in the  place of an old wood industry, which has been active since 1923.

In 2023, Garbonomix collaborated with Naturkulturreservat project to investigate the landfill garbologically. Garbonomix team classified the waste into three main groups, created the stratigraphy of mounds of garbage, and documented different types of waste. The final analysis resulted in illustrating a 100-year the formation process of the Marhult industry and landfill.

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