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At Garbonomix

Our Mission is Clear

We turn your waste into innovative solutions, raising awareness of waste pollution and move towards sustainability. 

Our Story

At Garbonomix, our journey began over two decades ago, rooted in academic pursuits of archaeology and contemporary behavioral patterns. Founded by two passionate individuals, both PhDs in archaeology, our vision was shaped by years of studying human consumption habits and societal trends.

Witnessing the economic challenges faced by individuals and businesses, we recognized the need for change. Inspired by the startling volume of discarded items along Kalmar and Öland's shorelines and that Kalmar was ranked first regarding food waste in Sweden, we saw an opportunity to raise awareness and drive action towards more sustainable consumption and waste disposal practices.

Our Mission

Our core values center around the belief that limiting mass consumption and promoting environmental sustainability are vital for a resilient economy. Through our unique expertise, we empower households, families, and companies to improve their financial well-being while fostering environmental stewardship.


Our ideal clients encompass those seeking to enhance their economic resilience, adopt environmentally-friendly practices, and mitigate the risk of financial hardship. From families and businesses to educational institutions and municipalities, our tailored solutions cater to diverse needs and aspirations.


At Garbonomix, we embody the principles of garbology, advocating for a greener economy and a brighter future.

Meet The Team

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