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Discover how our experienced team of Garbologists can help you achieve success in your business, organization or household goals for a sustainable economy.

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Småland's study

At Garbonomix, are a start up, whose mission is to empower individuals and business to achieve economic resilience while fostering environmental sustainability. 

About Us

Garbonomix, founded by two Archaeology PhDs, aims to address economic challenges and environmental concerns by promoting sustainable consumption and waste disposal practices. Through expertise in garbology, they empower individuals and businesses to enhance economic resilience while fostering environmental sustainability.


Our Approach


Garbology is a branch of archaeology that explores the behavioral patterns of consumption and waste disposal in modern societies by investigating waste and garbage. This methodology was first practiced by William Rathje in 1973.


Garbonomix is the first company to apply the Garbology methodology in Europe with the purpose of provide customers with professional advice on minimizing their consumption and maximizing their savings.

When it comes to understanding human behavior, there's more to be learned from what people throw away than from what they say.

William Rathje

Our Values

At Garbonomix, our core values guide everything we do.


We are dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability and reducing waste. Our aim is to raise awareness about the consequences of mass consumption and provide practical solutions. By conducting educational workshops and awareness campaigns, we highlight the impact of mass consumption and encourage environmentally-friendly practices.

Daily Routines

We champion responsible consumption and waste management by actively promoting and encouraging mindful actions. It's our mission to cultivate and instill habits of sustainable waste management. Our approach isn't just focused on large-scale changes, but also on everyday activities. We believe in the power of small, consistent actions to create a significant positive impact over time, contributing to the overall health of our planet.

Economic Resilience

We empower individuals and businesses to build resilient economies and overcome financial challenges. We do this by offering consulting services to improve the financial health of households, families, and companies. Through analyzing consumption patterns and offering guidance, we aim to prevent financial hardships resulting from inflation and economic crises. Our goal is to foster economic and social resilience, one financial solution at a time.

Pioneering Garbology
in Scandinavia

We are proud to be the pioneering enterprise that first introduced the scientific methodology of garbology for the purpose of analyzing both business and household waste in the Scandinavian region. Leveraging this innovative approach, we are able to provide unprecedented insights into waste management practices and consumption patterns, thereby enabling sustainable and responsible waste disposal methodologies in our community.

Expert Garbologist Services

We provide a variety of services that can assist in enhancing your household,  business and organization.

Our Clients/Collaborators

Second Hand



Reviving Baltic Resilience (RBR)

Tehran Urban Research and Planning Center (TURPC)

How It Works

We delve into innovative strategies and practices that can revolutionize your personal economy, focusing on efficient budgeting, smart investing, and effective money management.

Darius, 48 years old

“At first, we thought we knew it all about waste and disposal habits. Meeting Garbonomix seemed unnecessary, even laughable. Yet, as the garbologists delved into their analysis, a revelation unfolded. Suddenly, we realized how little we truly comprehended about our own waste. This awakening prompted me to shift my focus, not solely for the betterment of the environment, but also for my own financial well-being. Garbonomix didn't just enlighten us; they empowered us to make meaningful change."

We deliver solutions for improved finances and a sustainable future.

Meet Our Team

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Alice Babs gata 3A,

Kalmar, 33960, Sweden

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